trippin' Two-cents

Somethin’ about giving two cents & keepin’ things simple. just sharing a little bit of what goes on in my mind to the world. feel free to kick back and experience the things that catch my eye. Hit me up on these, Twitter, Facebook. Instagram PhilLeKrill_ follow me and shit. 

Name ? Phil

Age ? 19

Ethnicity ? Vietnamese

Where are you from ? Jersey

Pictures of yourself ? ME

Follow back ? no. ask me to check out your blog. i’ll be glad to.

Promo ? no. 

Promo for Promo ? no.

Favorite blogs ? Check my blogroll.

How many followers do you have ? 1.

How do you become tumblr famous?What the fuck is tumblr fame?

How can i get as many followers as you? post nudes.

When did you make your tumblr? June 2011

Where do you get your pictures that you upload? Narnia.

What theme are you using? ask me off anon.

What does it take to get a follow back? uniqueness is good

Why did you unfollow me? Changed up your blogging style, you post ignorant text posts, or you just did things that annoy me.

Your blog use to be nothing but quality, what happened? I was getting bored of tumblr, on the verge of even considering deactivating. i’ve been blogging the same style ever since i made, which was last summer and i’ve gotten tired of it. and i feel like it didn’t really show as much “personality”, especially now since everyone’s blog is quality/luxury/etc. not saying that thats bad, i’ll still be posting those type of things but i just think by switching up things will keep me entertained. 

Anything else ? just ask me. 

*disclaimer` i do not claim any of these pictures unless otherwise stated